Friday, July 28, 2017

Charu Majumdar advising Telugu comrades

"CM resolved the whole debate quite simply, speaking in English in his drawling manner: “Yesss. The real problem eees, the revisionist leaders, CPI, CPI( M), RCP, expelled Seetharamayya from their parties. And we revolutionaries invite him. Fineeesh.” After the meeting, Panchadi again carried CM on his shoulders for the return trip. The older comrade was only fifty-one, but he was shockingly thin and in poor health. By the time they reached the bottom of the steps, the one who was carried also needed to rest. CM went off a little way alone to stand in the shade of a tree. Satyam thought, “He must be communicating with the Chinese party by some invisible wireless device to inform them that the meeting was a success.” Satyam cautioned the others, “The man will be away for a bit. Don’t disturb him.” They all shared these exaggerated impressions. They surmised that this man was acting under the very guidance of Chairman Mao and according to his plan. That behind Charu Majumdar there was a huge machine. And that this movement they were forming would enjoy unlimited political, material, and military support. “We may not have anything now, but wait four days, we’ll get everything.”" From Sujata Gidla's book. Tragic aspects come soon after.

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