Saturday, April 01, 2017

Some stories from India

About a new book of working women 'Lady Driver'. More about one of the drivers Hemlata's rough ride
Health documentation of women by women in rural Maharashtra

A green revolution to end plastic rule via MadhNalanda University ViceChnancellorukar Shukla's wall who has links to contact some of the entrepreneurs

Rahul Banerjee reviews a book on bedtime stories for children by Suresh Edina. More discussion on his wall

The current government's efforts seem to be in more ideological direction with both short time long term view from the appointments of an RSS man to head a historical research body to the appointment of Nalanda University Vice Chancellor. Even their transfers are causing some uproar
"Opposition parties have accused the BJP-led Central government of attempting to derail the excavations at Keezhadi since Hindutva groups are uncomfortable with its findings. They said that the excavations have added strength to the idea that an advanced and secular Tamil civilisation – independent of the Hindu tradition – may have existed in the South during the Sangam era. "

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