Saturday, April 22, 2017

Drought in South India

Second of the articles South India's Drought Part 2: Chennai slum dwellers forced to beg for water, authorities remain helpless via Naked Capitalism.
Similar news from Ravi Kumar's wall about parts of Prakasam District: "ప్రకాశం జిల్లాలో సగం మండలాల్లో కరువు.
తాగు నీరు కోసం
ఇతర ప్రాంతాలకు వలస పోతున్న జనం.
సమస్యలు పట్టించుకొనివాళ్ళకు ఓట్లేసిన పాపం అనుభవిస్తున్న జనం."
About ten years I visited I.S.I. Campus for a few days. Women were queuing for water near taps when water was available just opposite to the campus. Inside the campus, we had 24 hour water service. Many of these institutes are deemed essential services and I have seen this in other cities too. Unless the conditions are extreme, there are not many reports even on Facebook. Are two indias developing like two Americas ?

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