Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Tyler Cowen's stubborn philosophical attachments from FT Alphaville, may need registration. He is perhaps the most read economic blogger and may be quite influential. The attraction for me is;
"It is evident in his blog writing that Tyler becomes uneasy whenever consensus opinion shifts in his direction. Even if typically he doesn’t outright change his mind when people start agreeing with him, he does begin to caution against too much certainty and, in his posts, to highlight and articulate counterarguments to his own views."
Also from the article:
"Writing Stubborn Attachments might have been a way for Tyler to define his philosophical foundations while resisting that impulse to back away or heavily caveat his ideas. A way for him to state clearly: “Yes, I’m a libertarian — maybe a squishy and often iconoclastic one, but a libertarian nonetheless. I believe these things, and here is why.” No going back now… at least until he writes another one of these."
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