Friday, March 10, 2017


I rarely loose my keys but I lost them today. After a morning walk I found that I did not have my keys. I thought I must have lost them while taking the handkerchief and retraced my path about one and half times. Then it occurred to me that it was a concrete path and if the keys fell down they would have made a sound. Then I tried to remember when I saw the keys last. It was yesterday when I was watering the plants, our son in law Gavin came to see us. I gave the keys to him and continued watering the plants. So, he must have left them in the house. I came back and they were on the dining table. It seems that I can remember and think a bit. This brings me to the next point.
For a long time, I felt that I have been wasting my time after retiring. Most of the time is spent in reading theories which lead nowhere. May be one should help some underprivileged by doing some actual work. The problem is lack of experience and sometimes one can do harm by trying to do good stuff. One may cause disruptions or raise unnecessary hopes. The easiest thing would be to contribute somewhere taking the advice of people in the field. I finally came to the conclusion that helping teach middle school children somewhere in india with some concepts, homework, preparations for examinations etc helping teachers who are already teaching them may be what I can do. So after some time I found some possibilities around Ongole and I plan to spend 2-3 months there every year for the next few years. Meanwhile Ramarao Kanneganti is looking at other possible schools. It may come down to wandering around various schools or slowly finding one place where I can fit in. So the destination is Ongole this November. Many institutions now are parts of various chains, one may be contributing to status quo.

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