Friday, November 06, 2015

Aussie Optimism Program

From Curtin University; article in Huffington Post:
"A five-year-old's ability to learn mental resilience is being demonstrated in an Australian program with astounding results.
Aussie Optimism is an in-school class that treats mental health like maths or science, teaching children from Year 1 up to Year 8 how to identify their emotions and put their lives into perspective.
Co-director Rosanna Ronney told The Huffington Post Australia graduates had less likelihood of mental health difficulties and suicidal behavior. A study also showed participants were able to more quickly recover from depressive behaviour when compared to the general population. They were also shown to be less likely to drink or smoke later in life.
"I think it’s a little bit like learning spelling and maths, you can’t do too much mental health resilience training," Ronney told HuffPost Australia."

Report. They are on FaceBook too

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