Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Links, 30th September 2015

Heidi Williams, Macarthur Genius
Another Karthik Chandran
Simple way to make kids more vegetables
A student asking Partha Chatterjee some questions
The majority of the world's chidren are in school. So why aren't they learning?
Children's ability to learn Minimally Invasive Education
Light Electricity Utility Vehicle More from BBC From South Sudan, the world's most important SUV
Chris Blattman Fear, what a century-old theologian can teach the modern scientist :"...Fear, then, becomes the safety device with which the oppressed surround themselves in order to give some measure of protection from complete nervous collapse. How do they achieve this? In the first place, they make their bodies commit to memory ways of behaving that will tend to reduce their exposure to violence."

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