Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Links, 29/9/2015

Top signs Pope Francis is an honest conservative
The New York Times interviews neuorobioligist Cori Bargmann
3quarksdaily top quark winner The fundamental philosophical dilemna of chemistry by Ashutosh Joglekar
I do not believe this 'workers of the world areabout to get their revenge' by Ambrose Evans-Pritchad but not too many demoraphic studies around in spite of the collapse of Soviet Union predicted by Emmanuel Todd base on such studies.
Change Makers: Kumar Ankit of Green Leaf Energy Private Limited
8 must-watch films to understand India's indigenous people via Xavier Dias
Malapati Raja Sekhar on Baobab in 2008
Quartz on Baobab Africa-India connections
A prophet in reverse; A conversation between Jorge Luis Borges and Osvaldo Ferrari
Cash beats stocks,bonds for first time in 25 years from Marketwatch
How to pronounce Narendra Modi

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