Wednesday, September 16, 2015

India relared stories and news

23 lakh aspirants for 368 posts in UP secretariat:Phd, post graduates apply (via Madhukar Shukla)
'When Chowkidar is paid more than a lecturer in Kashmir'
India's chaotic lesson in letting go by Eric Weiner (via Madhukar Shukla): "It’s been said that an indication of mental health is whether you can simultaneously retain two contradictory ideas without your head exploding. By that measure, India is the most mentally healthy place in the world."
Similar thoughts in Is there an Indian way of thinking? An informal essay by A.K. Ramanujan. Talking of his father "When I asked him what the discovery of Pluto and Neptune did to his archaic nine-planet astrology, he said, 'You make the necessary corrections, that's all'. Or, in answer to how he could read the Gita religiously, having bathed and painted on his forehead the red and white feet of Vishnu, and later talk appreciatively about Bertrand Russell and even Ingersoll, he said, 'The Gita is part of one's hygiene. Besides, don't you know, the brain has two lobes?'"
We are IT Labor Contractors not IT Superpower says India's Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar
The most powerful Indian technolgists in Silicon Valley from The Guardian
Digital Indians: Five pioneers of technological innovation from BBC
There is a distinct caste-elitism in Carnatic sabha culture in Chennai, says musician T.M. Krishna

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