Saturday, August 29, 2015

Refugees are people too.

Refugees are human. That simple fact seems to have been forgotten
Some good news from Germany: German public: we can cope with more refugees
German mayor says he wants more migrants
""They had the flexibility and the legislation allowing admission of asylum seekers in their territory faster than standard resettlement procedures," said Bernard, commenting on the Alameens' fit with Germany. 
The European country was the first to allow certain Syrians registered in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt to move there without a protracted asylum application procedure.
About half of all those selected have successfully arrived in the Federal Republic of Germany, where they have a chance to integrate and build a new life.
Thomas Langwald from the German Office for Migration and Refugees explained the programme, which costs the state about $14m, specifically targets families that "cannot return to Syria" and would have difficulty settling in the country they first fled to. " from
And there are villages for sale in Spain

A refugee girl moves under barbed wire as she crosses from Serbia to Hungary [AP]

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