Friday, July 10, 2015

Links, 10th July 2015

About basic income from Vox (via Akshay Regulagedda). Beware of simple solutions.

James C. Scott review of 'The world until yesterday' by Jarred Diamond. He seems to go overboard in a couple of places; see the first few comments in this Savage Minds post

'We underestimated their power' says an insider from the Greek Government (via Doug Henwood): "In the beginning of February, [Dutch finance minister and Eurogroup president Jeroen] Dijsselbloem told Varoufakis "You either sign the memorandum that the others have signed too, or your economy is going to collapse”. How? “We are going to collapse your banks". He had said that. "

Critics say that porn degrades women, dulls sexual pleasure, and ruins authentic relationships - are they right?: "I heard the same refrain over and over, from every researcher and every member of the pornography industry I spoke with: pornography is to sex as Hollywood films are to real life."

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