Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some Telugu folk songs

here. In a thread in Avineni Bhaskar's timeline, Sreenivas Paruchuri writes "I can't tell you the authors' names. I am also not sure if its an individual's work or a collective work - both possibilities exist. But certainly both are modern songs, from the early 20th century, with their origins in north coastal districts. Basically all "rangam paaTalu", that is with reference to Rangoon/Burma are from this time period. What is called "folk/jaanapadam" is not necessarily "old". Very idealistic notions exist here! But its another colonial legacy that we picked and glorified. See the essay"
In the linked essay, the authors write "భావ కవులు రాసిన ఈ కవిత్వమంతా పల్లెటూళ్ళలో వుండేవాళ్ళ సంస్కృతిని అందులోనూ కింది కులాల వాళ్ళ సంస్కృతిని అందంగా చిత్రించేదే అయినా వాళ్ళ కవిత్వ భాష మాత్రం యథాపూర్వంగా మధ్య తరగతి కవితా భాషే అయింది."Much more inn the article.

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