Saturday, January 17, 2015

Links, January 17, 2015 (Long reads)

Bringing in people from the cold: Ensuring inclusive growth in India by Rahul Banerjee
Timepass and boredom in Modern India by Chris Fuller (via Chapati Mystery)
A discussion on Culture: A scientific idea "ready for retirement" (via 3quarksdaily)
'anne' links to a 2010 article by Paul Krugman on deflation
A discussion of one of the unconvincing parts of Piketty's Capital. Piketty explains : "I do not believe in the basic neoclassical model. But I think it is a language that is important to use in order to respond to those who believe that if the world worked that way everything would be fine. And one of the messages of my book is, first, it does not work that way, and second, even if it did, things would still be almost as bad." 

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