Saturday, January 03, 2015

From a comment in this blog

A suggestion from a comment in this blog (in a post on Roberto Calasso):
I just wanted to share as a dalit, apprentice mathematician vexed with the intellectual and socio-religious history of the subcontinent, two books I have found very enlightening:
1. Wilhelm Halbfass, India and Europe, and
2. Jonardan Ganeri, The Lost Age of Reason: Philosophy in Early Modern India

P.S. This is the sort of reason why I started the blog. To scratch the surface, learnt a bit and once in a while responses come either privately or in comments which help me to learn a bit more. Thanks.

After retirement(and after children settled to various occupations), I have been sending 15 to 20 percent of my superannuation payments to some weaker groups in coastal Andhra. Last year I sent some money to 3 Dalit students and 3 Dalit farmers who wanted to lease some land and farm. The three farmers decided to share it with five others and the students shared it with ten others. That makes me feel optimistic about the new year. I have also been trying to follow up the sanitary napkin program which has been initiated by Arunachalam Muruganantham in Guntur-Vijayawada area, but no progress so far.

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