Friday, December 12, 2014

Links, 12th December 2014

Do farmers want GM crops? by Glenn Davis Stone
How much of a winner is India in the trade facilitation agreement? by Jhinuk Chowdhury
Growth slowdowns: Middle-income trap vs regression to the mean by Lant Pritchett and Larry Sumners, discussion in The Economist's View
Democratizing Finance by Fred Block "The scope of this article will be
limited in the following ways. First, this paper will only briefly touch on the urgently
needed reforms to the global financial system that would complement the domestic
reforms described here. Second, the paper will not address reforms to corporate
governance and corporate finances that are a necessary part of any effort to renew the
U.S. economy.Third, the discussion of alternative financial institutions will focus on
the problems of consumer finance, small business lending, innovation, and infrastructure."

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