Thursday, November 06, 2014

Intimations of mortality

 I went to the main university library today to pick up some Emmanuel Todd books with Lawrence Reeves, a student here in the nineties and teacher now. The spaces between the shelves are narrow and it is difficult to reach those at the ground level.After a while Lawrence says "You go and sit down; I will bring the books". When we finally go to check out the books, it turns out that Lawrence can borrow them for three months whereas as I can borrow only a for a month.
Then went to visit a specialist whom I know for some time. At one stage, I told him that my health seems to have deteriorated during the last year. He says "I can see it" and also suggests that I also visit another doctor for a related problem.
In any case, I have Todd's "The explanation of ideology: family structures and social systems" to read or now. I have never been satisfied with materialistic systems of social philosophy; may be Todd has some hints.

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