Saturday, October 18, 2014

Unread books

My wife Jhansi wanted to throw away my books, half of which are unread, since these days I am mostly reading on kindle. But then my granddaughter Ava started playing with the books and they are saved. One of the books she often picks up is 'Why is sex fun?' by Jarred Diamond. I did not read that book yet but started looking at the third chapter 'Why don't men breast-feed their babies? The non-evolution of male lactation.'
Yesterday's dream. I was walking along with a street with some unknown friend and see some people at a roadside cafe probably in a western country. Suddenly I sort of recognize somebody and say 'He seems to be Robert Trivers' and the friend says that he is. Though I read about his work, I never read any of his books though I have two of them including 'Genes in conflict'. I did not realize that I admired Robert Trivers so much that I wanted a glimpse of him.

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