Saturday, October 25, 2014

Links, 25th October 2014

Youssef Courbage on 'Religion, Dermography and conflicts in Muslim countries". Seems to be a summary of 'A convergence of civilizations: Transformation of Muslim societies around the world' by Youssef Courbage and Emmanuel Todd, 2011. Interesting article but the book, which is translated, reads better (I just started on the book) may be because of the author's French background. A review of the book

Chris Blattman on Julian Assange's recent article on google The dangers of google idealism " It is interesting reading, if only to hear a skeptical outsider’s perspective of the web of Washington intrigue." Aside:Julian Assange took some mathematics courses from me and we got along well. Once I gave him about 5 out of 10 in an assignment in 'Complex Analysis'. He came to discuss the assignment and the mistakes but did not argue for more points and that continued through out the course.

Discussion in Economist's View Paul Krugman: Plutocrats against democracy

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