Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My first experience with a healer

which I got as a father's day present from one of the children. It consisted of lying down on a table for one hour, most of the time with eyes closed, and her running her hands above the body and sometimes touching the injured parts( in my case left wrist from De Quervain's tenosynovitis and right elbow which seems bruised for unknown reasons). Apparently reactions of earlier visitors were different from fairly active physical reactions to feeling of floating above the table. I did not feel much and was conscious though she said I slept in the middle. Her hands were warm but when she passed her hand a couple of inches over the the forehead, it was distinctly warmer like getting close to a lamp. There were also a couple flashes of light even though my eyes were closed. Later video showed my eye lids moving a bit though my eyes were closed and I was not coscious of moving them. i cannor really say whether some heatin stuff was not used. Others who had stroner reactions had partners or parents present durin the sessions. May be some of the healers have some effect. But I could not keep quiet for an hour and started chatting. She had problems growing chillies and curry leaves and I had some success with them and discussed about those for a while.

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