Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Diversity of views about Ukraine

in the comments of Endgame for Putin in Ukraine? by Robert Skidelisky.
Abut the role of IMF and World Bank from AlJazeera
Letter from veteran US intelligence officers to Anela Merkel
My own impression: Putin seemed restrained from the beginning and not particularly interested in getting invoved in Ukraine. But with the events in Ukraine developing as they did ( a government appointing oligarchs to run Eastern Ukraine, decrease in salaries, increase in charges etc, and bombing its own civilians) and large sections of people in Russia sympathetic to fellow Russian speakers in Ukraine, Putin probably did not have much choice. Whatever democratic umpulses and self organization Eastern Ukrainians showed, may in fact be unwelcome to Putin and he has his hands full in Crimea. Hopefully, Eastern Ukrainians will not be betrayed for the second time by some of the oligarchs and bureaucrats from Russia.
P.S. 3rd September Lavrov enquires about black boxes and other things via Naked Capitalism. Southern Ukraine refugee numbers are now supposed to be over one million.

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