Friday, September 26, 2014

Anil Biswas

is considered one of great music directors in the Indian cinema. Once I saw in this autobiographical piece
"My favourites till today are the songs from `Vatan (1938)',
`Ek   Hi  Rasta  1939)',  `Alibaba (1940)',  `Bahen (1941)',  and
`Roti  (1942)'.  Sometimes when I am  alone I recall   the  tunes
of   ``kyoN  ham  ne   diya  dil''  (sung   by Sitara,  lyrics by
Wajahat Mirza,  from `Vatan')  and  ``kahe  karta  der  baraati''
(sung  by Anil Biswas and chorus,  lyrics by Dr. Safdar Aah, from
Now somebody has posted the song from Watan (Vatan)1938
and the second one rom Aurat 1940
They seem to be from worn out records and do not sound that great.

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