Wednesday, August 06, 2014

More on Water management

One of the best parts of Rana Dasgupta's 'Capital' is the last chapter 'Abstract' where durin walk Anupam Mishra explains the ancient water management practices in Delhi and how the whole sysyem was subverted unconsciously by the British when they started the new systen of water supply through the pipe and tap system lot of the rest of the book was rubbing shoulders with the rich of neoliberal persuasion tryin to build their empires). Unfortunately this part does not seem available online but there are some interviews with Anupam Mishra and his study of water manaement in Rajasthan. Here is one interview Rural distress, urban greed: Interview with Anupam Mishra and a short write up about him. There are many more in Hindi on YouTube and some via India Waterportal. Here is a Ted talk by Anupam Mishra:

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