Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Interesting discussion on Krugman's 'Why we fight'

in Economist's View , lot of it about Ukraine.  Krugman's post itself seemed a bit silly to me but some of the comments in the discussion are interesting.  Bakho at 7.02 AM:

"The West wants to always blame Putin and Russia. The Neocons who helped engineer the overthrow and the Intolerant Ukrainian nationalists deserve most of the blame. Their attempts at ethnic and economic domination of East Ukraine by the West is the catalyst for the unrest. You would never know it if you only listen to the Necon controlled US media. Putin is no Saint, but he could not cause trouble if there were not real fear of the Ukrainian nationalists by ethnic Russian. They are willing to bomb ethnic Russian civilians there own people that they want to govern. That says what kind of government they are."

Bakho at 7.11 AM:
"A big problem with political analysis is its narrow focus on the big powers Putin and his Russian Mafia Vs the US and its Neocons. No one is focused on the people who live in the region and just want to live in peace and desire a government committed to justice.
Our media dismisses the ethnic tensions altogether so there is no context for understanding the situation.
What do the residents of East Ukraine want? Why is the government bombing them to get at the rebels rather than negotiating?"
And more comments about China, Argentina,  apparent intent of Krugman's article, ....

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