Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The blameless Blair

seems to me making a lot of money. From Daily Mail September 2012  "Increasingly, however, it is hard to tell where Mr Blair’s business dealings - which are said to have earned him as much as £60 million - end, and his charitable role and unpaid work in the Middle East begin."
And from  January 2013 "Sources in China said he was handed about $200,000 (around £125,000) to deliver the lecture on philanthropy.....
Meanwhile, young executives from J.P. Morgan, the bailed-out U.S. bank paying him a reported £2.5 million a year, are put to work at the heart of African governments advised by one of his charities "
More recent news in Financial Tines on June 23 "Mr Blair has maintained close contact with the Arab elite as an envoy for the Middle East “Quartet” – the UN, the European Union, the US and Russia. His job is to help mediate in the Middle East peace process and support the Palestinian economy.
That role has been a valuable calling card – he is sometimes in Abu Dhabi on Quartet business. But he also wears other business and philanthropic hats."

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