Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aljazeera article on marriage inGarasia tribe

Marriage an alien notion for Indian tribe :"Members of the indigenous Garasia tribe in the northwestern state of Rajasthan have been cohabiting in live-in relationships outside wedlock since time immemorial.
Social scientists studying the arrangement - called dapa and recognised through formal rituals - point to a low incidence of rape and dowry deaths in these communities where women retain a high status.
"These tribals, whose livelihood depends on farming and working as labour, marry their live-in partners only when they have sufficient money," said Shahid Pathan, a journalist who has gained an understanding of indigenous customs in the Kotra area.
"Needless to say, that happens much later in their lives, and in absence of money they continue living together for several years and even become parents without the fear of bearing a child out of wedlock."
Joint wedding
It was surprising for many visitors to the wedding of 70-year-old tribal Naniya Garasia to his 60-year-old live-in partner Kaali to discover that not only were his grandchildren present but also his three sons - Mugla, 50, Gana, 40, and Shankar, 35."
May be one way out of sexual violence problems is freer intermingling of sexes. An eye witness account earlier Alternate sexuality traditions 4: Garasia tribe

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