Sunday, May 25, 2014

Under the pinewood trees

I thought nothing grows under them. Appartently ginseng does, at least in New Zealand "Along with particular soil, land slope and climate requirements, ginseng requires a high level of shade making planted forests an ideal environment in which to grow the herb. 

Chief Executive of Maraeroa C, Glen Katu, approached Scion to help determine what the optimal conditions for growing ginseng were and other areas in the central North Island with similar conditions, as well as its economic value as an export. 
Although the risks are high, wild simulated ginseng may have a huge bearing on the profitability of forestry, providing earlier returns and considerable long term employment opportunities. Conservative estimates indicate ginseng could potentially double profitability compared to forestry alone, returning an additional 154 - 188 per cent value per hectare of planted forest. With an expected fresh yield of 675 kilos per hectare (225 kg dried) returning $2,000 per kilo for dried ginseng, the economics are clear."
May be there are possibilities in some parts of India like Meghalaya where I have seen pinewood forests.

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