Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A review of 'Super Imperialism' by Michael Hudson

by Shuoying, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "First published in 1972 – one year after gold was demonetized – and updated thirty years later, in 2002, Michael Hudson’s Super Imperialism is the first book to recognize the policy of monetary imperialism consciously pursued by the U.S government for exploiting the world. Together with Henry C.K. Liu, well known for his book “The Financial War Between China and the U.S.,” they have published a series of works on dollar hegemony in opposition to the Chicago School’s monetarist ideas."
I think that Piketty is very good as far as he goes, but does not really go into the mechanisms of accumulation for which I found the earlier two interviews of Michael Hudson about Piketty interesting. But neither discussed the role of dollar as universal currency. It seems that Michael Hudson has been studying this for a long time. I will link to more discussions as I read some of these books.

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