Monday, February 10, 2014

News factories

"In the previous eight months, Packer's TV network had become a kind of Corby innocence factory, taking the unlikely material of a part-time beauty student accused of drug smuggling, and forging from her a martyr. The story, which Nine sewed up early with exclusive access agreements, made the network millions, and ultimately ensured Schapelle Corby became a household name, and a part of the zeitgeist.
"I said to Kerry, 'What do you think? Is she guilty'?", Costello recalls asking. "And Kerry said, 'Yes, I think she is.' I remember saying, 'But Nine is the cheerleader for her innocence.' And Kerry told me that this was how current affairs TV works - the audience was totally convinced of her innocence and so the network goes with what the public feels passionate about." from The Age. There is also more about how some are still making money out of the affair. 

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