Friday, October 04, 2013

Shutdown links

What it means
It's going to get much worse than a shutdown by Matt Yglesias
The perils of presidentialism by Juan Linz.
January 2013 Interview with Juan Linz
Along the way, he says "But China doesn’t have any channels for the discontent which the changes are causing and it’s causing anger that’s unbelievable, and the disconnect between the rhetoric and the realities might explode in time. It’s less of a stable system than some people think. I don’t think it’ll evolve that easily into a liberal system, in the political sphere.
India will have more trouble here or there, but is an infinitely more flexible system that can channel or respond to crises in a way that is less dangerous for the system than in China. I don’t know if I would bet on India so much on the economy, but I would bet more on the political system of India than the political system of China."
Views from the left:Three cheers for the Shutdown from CounterpunchA bipartisan war against the working class from the World Socialist Website

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