Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The woman behind the NSA scoops

(the title a biographical sketch in Slate)seems to be Laura Poitras, a 2012 MacArtur fellow.; Salon interview with her. Glenn Greenwald story from April 2012 about her experiences with NSA  U.S. filmmaker repeatedly detained at border:
"Poitras is now forced to take extreme steps — ones that hamper her ability to do her work — to ensure that she can engage in her journalism and produce her films without the U.S. Government intruding into everything she is doing. She now avoids traveling with any electronic devices. She uses alternative methods to deliver the most sensitive parts of her work — raw film and interview notes — to secure locations. She spends substantial time and resources protecting her computers with encryption and password defenses. Especially when she is in the U.S., she avoids talking on the phone about her work, particularly to sources. And she simply will not edit her films at her home out of fear — obviously well-grounded — that government agents will attempt to search and seize the raw footage."

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