Sunday, June 02, 2013

On charity

Marginal Revolution links to the article Join Wall Street. Save the World. which raises some uncomfotable questions
 "While some of his peers have shunned Wall Street as the land of the morally bankrupt, Trigg’s moral code steered him there. And he’s not alone."
For example, there may be lot of money in smuggling (though I think there are times when smuggling can be considered good like saving dissidents during war and from corrupt regimes) or working for arms manufacturers when one knows arms going to repressive regimes. Often we do not know the roles of the organizations for which we work, though the recent history of Wall Street or various corporations has not been that great. How do we know what we save and contribute to charities compensates the damage done by these entities. One can go on with other institutions like research institutions mentioned in the previous post. It is not clear to me where and how one draws the line though some charity is probably better than nothing.

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