Thursday, June 13, 2013

Links, June 13

Pranab Bardhan's autobiographical sketch
Pranab Bardhan reviews various books on poverty and development (via 3quarksdaily). There is some discussion of India too. A sample passage "Intense pluralism, participatory politics, political fragmentation, and what V. S. Naipaul has called “a million mutinies” have made collective action on long-term decisions immensely difficult in India."
Apparently Lahore was originally Lavapura, the only thing I could understand in this discussion of various divisions in the subcontinent.
The Snowden effect: Sales of 1984 are up in US
Why did Snowden choose Hongkong
Dean Baker about fighting big pharma: Start 'Independent Drug Information Service'.
Azuri, one of the first 'item dancers' in Hindi films was well versed in classical dances and had a serious career after migrating to Pakistan. Possibly Richar Singer and Minai will have detailed posts about her.

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