Sunday, May 26, 2013

T.M.Soundararajan RIP

Obituary from The Hindu "His robust and full-throated singing perfectly suited MGR and Sivaji, who had their roots in Tamil theatre. A versatile singer, he modulated his voice to suit the two stars perfectly. A listener could identify the star in the movie through TMS’ songs, even without watching the film. He also acted and sang in a few films. He had a voice that could catch the nuances and majesty of the Tamil language, but could not replicate his success in other languages."
A song, not particularly melodious, but shows his skills with Tamil 
Here is Soundarajan-Jikki duet which is from an Ajit Merchant tune in a 1949 Gujarati film which traveled to Telugu and Tamil by 1961 (Soundarajan himself is from a Saurashtrian family in Madurai)

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