Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Links 14th May 2013

Possibly to some changes in the offing
Russia's Plan for BRICs to dismantle the dollar system
BRICS Development Bank
Dealing with TNC's
Changes in Japan "In my view, Abenomics has been remarkably centered on the domestic economy."
See also Noahpinion "Will Abe address Japan's number one problem after all?
George Osborne will step up his campaign to toughen developed countries' stance on tax havens and company tax transparency
and from Britain's dirty secret “We couldn’t believe it when the UK put tax on the agenda. For years, whenever we tried to put even a sentence on tax into communiques, the British got out their red pen. And now it is they who are leading the call for action. So thanks to them, to you NGOs … and to Starbucks.”

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