Saturday, February 02, 2013

Links, Second, February

Bill Black, the author of 'The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One' gets impatient with Matt Yglesias
Triple crisis on  a critical report of IMF by its own evaluation office and the African experience.
Ed Yong on the wisdom (or stupidity?) of crowds "After all, the rules that shiners obey are so simple that they should be a doddle for natural selection to produce. You don’t even need a brain to pull off the same trick—just the ability to respond to the environment, and to stay as a group. Cells can do that. All sorts of animals can do that."
Carl Zimmer on the parts of life "
Clune’s study suggests an evolutionary route to modules: as networks become more efficient, they become more modular. But once the parts of a system emerge, natural selection may then favor modules themselves, because they make living things more flexible in their evolution. Once life’s Legos get produced, in other words, evolution can start to play."

 (See also the nozzle example and the new twists in the studies above)
And a Geeta Dutt song via atulsongaday.

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