Saturday, December 15, 2012

An early Roshan song

from Neki Aur Badi (1949)

via which also has the lyrics and translation.


Richard S. said...

I have this film's soundtrack, downloaded it sometime ago (maybe from the India Baja blog?) and have listened to it many times. Love it!

Lumino de plume said...

Found this finally in your blog, thank you.

BTW..I am greatly impressed by your blog. I stumbled upon your blog when I searched for Prof PVP Sastry.

You are a very interesting personality with a great combination of varied interests. I am bookmarking your blog. I will come back for more.

gaddeswarup said...

Mr. Plume,
I am just trying to catch up with a few things after retirement. P.V.Parabrahma Sastry is a great scholar and researcher. I regret that I never met him during my trips to Hyderabad though there were some common acquaintances. Those days, I was more into mathematics.