Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An early Lalita, Padmini dance with ANR from 'Or Iravu'


Richard S. said...

Thanks. A little late catching up on your posts, but I just watched this and it is very nice. I have seen and posted other clips from this film that were centered around Lalitha, without Padmini. (Of course, I mean posted at, though your comments section only lets me sign in from a Blogger site that I don't use anymore :)... But I just checked one of those old posts and, unfortunately, the clip itself doesn't exist anymore - but that post is close to four years old... Hope this is not all getting too confusing!)

Anyway... As often is the case (as you know), I see an error in the date on the YouTube post - or, rather, in the comments. The date I see for this film most often is 1951, not 1948, so it isn't that early by Padmini-Lalitha standards.

Interestingly, there is a section of the song beginning at 1:12 that sounds identical to me - musically, at least - to a song from Amar Deep, the 1958 AVM Hindi film that was a remake of an AVM Tamil film made shortly before... But I'll have to do some searching to see if I can find that song.

gaddeswarup said...

Richard, I think that I saw your post as well as Minai's which have 'or Iravu' dances. For Telugus, special interest is ANR, particularly since this film was not remade in Telugu.