Saturday, November 24, 2012

My favourite Kamala dance

via A Clear Copy of Kamala's Tandava Dance in Sivagangai Seemai
Minai, following Randor Guy, gives 1957 as the year when the film was released. From discussions in Tamil blogs I get the impression that it was released in 1959 soon after Shivaji Ganeshsan;s 'Veerapandya Kattabomman' and lost out to the later film in box office.


Richard S. said...

I had to search my archives for the time when I posted that song, because it's been a while - over four years. But anyway, I found it, and I see that I have it posted as 1959:

gaddeswarup said...

Thanks Richard. I am not a great fan of Kamala (I like Padmini dances better) and do not know much about dances. She seemed to have a fixed smile in many of the dances I watched but here she is fiery and shows that she can act.