Friday, October 05, 2012

More on fecal transplants

Earlier articles 'How Microbes Define and Defend Us' by Carl Zimmer and 'Fecal trnsplants to cure  clostridium difficile  infection' by Tara Smith. A more recent article in Discover 'Tap The Healing Power of Poop' says:
"And C. difficile colitis is just the start. An Australian pioneer in fecal transplants, Thomas Borody, has performed the procedure in more than 1,900 patients, and has also found success treating irritable bowel syndrome, profound constipation, and otherwise intractable Crohn’s disease. “Crohn’s will often slowly regress with repeated fecal infusions,” Borody says. With typical Australian humor, he concludes, “It’s a whole new form of therapootics.""

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