Monday, October 22, 2012

Links, October 22

Mukhtar Mai Interview
From the article Merkel& Co should look at the 'H' factor:
"...since the financial crisis erupted, “humiliation has returned to Europe on a large scale”.
Inside nations, weak groups have suffered economic pain, and across the eurozone, weaker countries are being humiliated in a way that was taboo in the postwar post-humiliation period. Even more striking than this turnabout, Prof Smith argues, is the variety of responses from countries such as Greece and Ireland, as they reel from that humbling."
via Globaln Dashboard post How much humiliation can Spain cope with?
"East Asia is now a renminbi bloc because the currencies of seven out of 10 countries in the region – including South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand – track the renminbi more closely than the US dollar."
"America's capacity for integration is one of its greatest strengths, politically and economically. Europe has allowed great waves of immigrants into its cities without integration, and the result is the dangerous combination of marginalized communities within national borders and rising neofascism. Japan, which has basically locked the door on outsiders, is now the world's first geriatric nation: a nation of old Japanese men and women, with nobody left to care for them or to work. They are a warning to the world. The future — where we all will live whether we like it or not — is not closed. It is an amalgamated mix. Anyone too prejudiced or too stupid to deal with this fact will be left behind..................We're just too stupid to improve ourselves by thinking. Only lust can save us."

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