Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A song with hiccups

Apparently, the song and the hiccups are by different persons. Randor Guy writes in The Hindu about a song in 'kanvaney kankanda deivam' 1955:
"Bhanumathi who made a splash way back in 1945 as a vamp in B. N. Reddi's Swargaseema entered Tamil cinema playing such roles in her first few films. She was similarly cast in this film and a song filmed later on Lalitha, ‘Unnai kann theduthey...' was first rendered by Bhanumathi and the sequence was shot when she chose to walk out of the film. This song (P. Susheela) is still fondly remembered by Tamil movie buffs.
(Bhanumathi told this writer years later that in the song recorded with P. Susheela, the hiccups were hers! This was one of Susheela's early hits as a playback singer.)"
Music Directors Hemantha Kumar and Addepalli Ramarao, Singer P. Susheela, hiccups not credited, picturized on Lalitha (added August 10, 2014. The link below does not work. Try
The Hindi version Devta 1958, has Vyjantimala in the same role but the corresponding song by Asha Bhonsle does not have pronounced hiccups
.The composer for the Hindi version was C. Ramachandra and the film has many other excellent songs including 'kaise aaoon jamuna ke teer'

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