Thursday, September 20, 2012

A lively Punjabi song from Posti (1951)

Music director Sardul Kwatra; his interesting story here:
"Sardul disclosed that he has always been a highly romantic person and his best tunes were composed during various episodes of romancing.
 ....Sardul Kwatra said that he was a great admirer of the femininity and beauty of “Shyama” and Shyama was a natural dancer, who will instantly start dancing to the tune composed. Sardul never touched Shyama, but being a silent admirer, he created some of the most everlasting Punjabi tunes.
.....Sardul used to admit that he did not have the courage to even formally shake hands with Suraiya. His romanticism revolved around secret admiration of Suraiya and that was enough to induce him into composing soulful tunes to be sung by Suraiya. On the day of the demise of Suraiya, Sardul was in uncontrollable tears. He was recollecting the precious moments he spent in her company in Bombay."
Many interesting songs in the film and Koday Shah (1953) on YouTube. Three Suraiya songs from Goonj (1952) here