Friday, August 31, 2012

Gorgeous dances by Padmini

from the film Pardesi/Travels Beyond Three Seas. The dances are also available in the second part 0f the film uploaded by Mosfilms here around 10 and 30 minutes (the link sent to me by Minai). The first part here. From the New York Times review
"Unfortunately, the first (Russian) half lumbers along like an elephant, as Mr. Strizhenov restlessly leaves home and tackles various dangers head-on. This portion is clogged with a lot of bearded raving and ranting (not his) and some dreadful ensemble acting. Meanwhile, sliding past are some striking outdoor panoramas of the Volga country, various deserts and seaports.
But the picture is more persuasive, and relaxed, when the hero arrives at his destination and visits Nargis' peasant family during a monsoon. The backgrounds of this pleasant, rather idyllic interlude are beautifully tinted and the mood is happy and serene. And, as we say, Nargis, who leads a chorus in one delightful native song, is a doll. Why the hero leaps on his horse and bolts for home mystifies us. Anyway, the Russians, not the Indians, have the last word."
There is a longer review with many comments at Dustedoff
"What I liked about this film:
Padmini. I must confess I’m not much of a Padmini fan, but in this, she’s wonderful. She’s grace, she’s beauty, she’s allure. Her dancing is fabulous, too—watch this fascinating performancewhere, just by gestures, she says a lot."
The link mentioned does not work but I think that the author is referring to the first dance.
The film also figures in discussions in the blogs of Minai and Richard.

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