Friday, August 03, 2012

Gore Vidal RIP

I read only two books by Gore Vidal "The Last Empire" and "United States: Essays 1952-1992" both of which were excellent and I keep going back to them. Yves Smith has given links to some of the obituaries in including this NY Times with this correction which seems strangely appropriate:
"Correction: August 3, 2012

An obituary about the author Gore Vidal in some copies on Wednesday included several errors. Mr. Vidal called William F. Buckley Jr. a crypto-Nazi, not a crypto-fascist, in a television appearance during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. While Mr. Vidal frequently joked that Vice President Al Gore was his cousin, genealogists have been unable to confirm that they were related. And according to Mr. Vidal’s memoir “Palimpsest,” he and his longtime live-in companion, Howard Austen, had sex the night they met, but did not sleep together after they began living together. It is not the case that they never had sex."

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