Thursday, August 02, 2012

Building local economies

From The Humble Origins of New Global Economy. Don't Miss Out (via Naked Capitalism):
"What is evident to me, in the geeky splendor of the photos, is that this type of event is where the future is being made.
Here’s an example of what is available. The machine pictured is an Amaya Bravo. It’s a 16-thread computer controlled embroidery machine that can rapidly and flawlessly embroider complex designs onto hats, shirts, and dresses. It’s probably not of much interest to most readers, but IF you want to build an artisanal clothing business that uses embroidery, you will be well served to buy one of these machines.

Unfortunately, while the machine’s price has been DRASTICALLY reduced and the size of the machine is MUCH smaller than it used to be, the basic model still costs $9,000. As such, it’s a tough purchase for someone starting or running a micro-business.
Fortunately, makerspaces are being established in communities all around the world to make it easier for people to get access to tools like this.
It’s simple. If you want to build a thriving local economy. A local economy that makes your community resilient to economic failure and shocks, you need to find ways to help the innovators in your community make things."

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