Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ohoho pavurama

Prompted by this post A Girl and Her Bird(s) in 'Dances on the Footpath', I stated listening again to Bhanumati's Ohoho Pavuramaa in Swargaseema. More songs from the film are in Sakhi Yaa post
Swarga Seema 1945 స్వర్గ సీమ.
Much more about Bhanumati is in several posts at Dhool com ippadiyum oru peN - A Hundred Songs of Bhanumathi including the story of her re-entry into films and about this particular song in the post SOTD #807:A Hundred Songs of Bhanumathi- Part I.
Along the way came this early documentary (Marcus Barley connection) CHILDREN OF THE JUNGLE and several other documentaries from the colonial times.

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Nivedita Ramakrishnan said...

The "Children of the jungle" documentary at the site looks very fascinating, indeed I am so excited to have discovered the site. Thank you!