Saturday, April 28, 2012

How Usha Kiron fell in love with her husband after marriage

From Usha Kiron-Memories (
"My husband is a man with no complexes whatsoever. When I was expecting my first child, Amiya Chakraborty died. That was the only time I ever brought up the subject with my husband after we were married. I asked his permission to go to Amiya’s funeral. My husband was most understanding and insisted that I do the same. That is the only time I ever stepped into Amiya’s house, after I had promised his wife about not meeting him."
It also has the story  of  interaction with Uday Shankar and also her daughter's impressions.
Another excerpt:
"Once in Madras however, catastrophe took place. I was thrown out of the film and sent packing back to Bombay. It was just a misunderstanding, coupled with Udayji’s mercurial temperament and my militant naivette. For a dance sequence, I had to wear a transparent Manipuri costume. Since I was conscious of it, I wore a white slip underneath. Mrs. Uday Shankar asked me to remove it for the shot, since it would have looked very awkward. I didn’t pay heed to it. So later, Udayji noticed it and bellowed at his wife for not taking care of the costumes. She in turn screamed at me. After that incident, I used to hang around the set with a permanent sulky expression. This used to get on Udayji’s nerves and one day he bellowed once again. ‘Don’t you know how to smile?’ I in turn, replied hotly, ‘No! You teach me how to smile! ‘ And that was the end. In retrospect, I would still credit him with shaping my inherent talent, more than any one else. He is an education in acting and dancing for any actress."
Minai has good news about Yday Shankar's Kalpana

Here is a video song from Patita


Richard S. said...

Wow, I love those quotes! Am very fond of Usha Kiran, too. I loved her in Madhosh (1951):

(By the way, I finally figured out how to comment on your blog. :) But it refers to an old Blogger profile of mine for a blog that I stopped writing several years ago.)

gaddeswarup said...

Thanks Richard. One of my daughters set up the account and recently, by mistake, I pressed the button for new format. I am struggling with it. You would expect a mathematician to be good at these things but I never did not do well in applied mathematics. I will try to change the settings when I get some help.

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