Thursday, January 06, 2011

Future of agriculture?

From World's biggest farmer says future is in outsourcing :
"This economist-turned-farmer owes his success to the Indian IT companies’ back office model. Although Grobocopatel set up Los Grobo in 1984, the company remained a small player for the first 15 years until he outsourced all farming operations, including planting, fertiliser spraying, harvesting, storage and even transportation. His company enters into lease agreements with land owners, thereby allowing him to use capital to farm scientifically by satellite mapping.Grobocopatel now wants to export pulses and is now scouting for companies interested in strategic partnership with his company.

The future of farming is in outsourcing, he says.

“You do not have to own land to farm,” Grobocopatel told DNA in Mumbai, in a conference organised by United Phosphorous, the country’s largest pesticide maker. “What they (farmers) could possibly do—as my experience in Latin America tells me—is that villages can pool together the land and run it like cooperatives.”"

More by R.Viswanathan in Financial Express: Agriculture Process Outsourcing by an Argentine Patel
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Short background of Mr Gustavo Grobocopatel,President Grupo Los Grobo

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