Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Open Laboratory 2010

Information about submissions You can now start submitting your blog posts for the Open Laboratory 2010. And there are links to several science posts that I missed. surprisingly, there is only one Carl Zimmer post ( my favourite science writer at the moment) submitted so far. Since Carl Zimmer is well known and does not need any more prizes, I will not bother to submit his posts and instead try to read some of the posts by others that I missed.
P.S. See the comment below and the latest post:
Open Laboratory 2010 – only eight days till the deadline!


coturnix said...

Hey, you linked to the March post, the very first one when the entries just started trickling in. I have been posting the updated list every Monday since then, including today. See the list now - it is huge. Only a week left for submission.

gaddeswarup said...

P.S. Thanks. I linked to the latest posr now. Still only one by Carl Zimmer.

coturnix said...

submit more - you have a week ;-)