Monday, July 26, 2010

Links, July 26

Gulzar Natarajan discusses the role of private engineering colleges in the development of software industry Software industry and engineering colleges;
"It is the role of private engineering colleges which is the key the puzzle. Simply put, states which allowed private engineering colleges to enter early were able to get a head start and, this early advantage has persisted for nearly a decade and a half."

From India unveils prototype for $35 touch-screen computer:
"Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said a manufacturer was being sought for the gadget, which was developed by India's top IT colleges.

An earlier cheap laptop plan by the same ministry came to nothing.

The device unveiled on Thursday has no hard disk, using a memory card instead, like a mobile phone, and can run on solar power, according to reports."

Another article on the influence of language Lost in Translation . Possibly there will be comments in the Language Log at some stage ( A short post here).

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